27 March 2012

Junk Miles and a Couple of Links

Today, a friend of mine reminded me that in a previous post, I made the claim, "There are no junk miles," and she wanted me to explain what I meant by that.

Many people who run have weeks in which they run one long run, one interval workout, one tempo run, and one medium long run.  Sometimes, the miles outside these quality sessions are called "junk miles," or miles run easily and only included to pad the overall weekly mileage.  However, runners who are serious about their training know that runners should never complete a run without knowing the exact purpose for that run.  And the miles included during a purposeful run should never be considered "junk miles."  If they were junk, which I take to mean miles that could easily be discarded from a training plan, then those miles lack purpose and should be trashed.  Why would anyone want to engage in garbage training?

In addition to the four types of runs mentioned above, I also include in my weekly miles, runs that help me retain and improve my general aerobic conditioning and runs that help me recover from previous hard sessions.  Each run that I complete has a specific purpose.  Therefore, I do not run any "junk miles."  And while I do keep track of my weekly mileage, I do so more to make sure that I do not increase my volume too rapidly than I do to make sure that I hit a certain number of miles each week.


Those who know me well, know that I tend to push my limits in training.  (See my previous week of training as an example.)  I'm at a point now where I should probably back off and train, according to Greg McMillan in this timely article, optimally rather than maximally.


Today, Runner's World online reported on a study showing that a dynamic warmup routine improved quadriceps strength and hamstring flexibility over doing nothing or completing a static stretching routine.


I was still feeling the effects of my run Sunday during today's run.  By the end of my run, though, I had loosened up a bit and seemed prepared to complete a medium long run tomorrow.


You can now follow my training on Daily Mile.  Just click "follow my training" on the Daily Mile banner on the right side of the screen.  I'd love to have more than the one friend I currently have.

Thanks for reading.

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