20 March 2012

Training Update and Links to Interesting Information

Today's run felt much better than yesterday's.  I had planned on running gently to the Wassenaar beach with Alain and The Jewish Stallion.  A six-mile run.  Our first two miles were gentle, but then Alain and I picked up the pace and ran six negative splits.  We ran our sixth mile at about marathon pace, so we never went too fast, but it was nice to get the legs stretched out and moving after yesterday's run.  Yesterday and even this morning I felt stiff, especially in the groin and hips.  Today's run helped open up my hips and energized me for the rest of the day--exactly what a run should do.

I still need to work on getting more sleep.  I only managed about five hours last night, but I felt that I had recovered rather quickly from yesterday's 23 miler.  My remaining plan has me going ten or 11 easy miles tomorrow.  About seven easy miles on Thursday.  About seven or eight miles on Friday, including 7k at either tempo or marathon pace, depending on how I feel.  And an easy three or four miles with my beginners running group on Saturday.


Because I have a newborn at home, this article caught my attention.  It seems that women who exercise vigorously may have more trouble getting pregnant.

This article by Alex Hutchinson in Outside magazine asks us to rethink our modes of recovery.  I believe one takeaway here is that the simplest recovery, sleep, is often the best.

And here is a blog post by Hutchinson at his runnersworld.com blog.  Here he discusses the possible placebo effects of ice baths and extra oxygen as a form of recovery.


About my recovery: I find massage helpful, but I've found no difference between soaking in ice water and not soaking in ice water as a way to recover from a hard workout or race, a marathon, or a half-Ironman triathlon.

I'll leave this entry short for tonight so that you have some time to look at the links I've provided. Thanks for reading.

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