22 March 2012

Training to Orgasm

This post may not be suitable for children, and my nephew should not read this post.

Discovery News has reported on it.  As has Time and Forbes.  Runnersworld.com has joked about it.  Even the Hindustan Times gives it space in their Entertainment section.

Up to 15% of women have achieved orgasm while exercising.

That is not a misprint.  It seems that some women achieve orgasm while exercising.  This research comes out of Indiana University, where graduate school applications for exercise science are sure to see a large increase.  Because this climax is often the result of multiple sets of abdominal exercises--like crunches, the term "coregasm" has been coined for this type of orgasm.

But abdominal exercise isn't the only kind of exercise linked with orgasm.  As Discovery News reports:

     Of the women who had orgasms during exercise, about 45 percent said their first experience 
     was linked to abdominal exercises; 19 percent linked to biking/spinning; 9.3 percent linked 
     to climbing poles or ropes; 7 percent reported a connection with weight lifting; 7 percent 
     running;  the rest of the experiences included various exercises, such as yoga, swimming, 
     elliptical machines, aerobics and others.

I'd like to think that running was more responsible for giving pleasure than the above findings indicate, but I do understand how biking and climbing a pole might be more responsible for providing such bliss.

As I noted above, multiple sets of abdominal exercise can trigger an orgasm, as can intense work. My question as a personal trainer revolves around wanting to save me and my clients embarrassment: How many reps/sets of abdominal exercises are too many? and Is there a percentage of heart rate maximum that I should not let my female clients exceed?

Now, I have been in the presence of one or two women who have at least faked an orgasm. Needless to say, no woman who I've been with during orgasm has been surprised by that orgasm. An orgasm does not sneak up on a woman, grab her in its throws, and leave her saying, "Wow! I think I just orgasmed."  (If I am wrong about this, please tell me so in a comment below.)  Women choose to have an orgasm and work for and/or build toward having one.  Bonnie Rochman from Time even quotes one survey respondent who while climbing on a bike with a training partner admits to making this choice:

     “I had to really grind into the pedals. This must have caused me to rub on the seat in just the 
     right way. I thought I was starting to cramp, but soon realized it felt great. [I] thought I should 
     stop, but chose not to!”

Orgasms don't happen spontaneously.  Why is this important?  Look at the exercise modes that lead to orgasm.

Running, biking, spinning, pole and rope climbing, yoga, aerobics, and the most popular mode for achieving climax through abdominal exercise: the captain's chair (a piece of equipment found in few homes) are all exercises that take place for the most part in public.  Therefore, many of the women who reach orgasm during exercise choose to have an orgasm in public--heck, they're actually masturbating in public, making it possible that up to 15% of women are exhibitionists as well as women who have climaxed during exercise.

I feel badly for women in gyms now.  After reading about this study, many men at the gym are going to be counting out 20 women and trying to guess which three could be climaxing.  I wouldn't be surprised either to find a line of men waiting to use the captain's chair while a woman is finishing her work on it.

Just another reason for avoiding gyms and working out in a park or at the beach.  A good workout requires only a few pieces of equipment, if it requires any equipment at all, and we could all find something else to do with the money we put toward gym fees--like save for a captain's chair.


Great recovery run today.  Weather couldn't have been much better, and I turned what was going to be a 40-minute run into a 60-minute run.  I also completed a 90-minute Vinyasa flow yoga class before this run.  Early tomorrow morning is tempo with Alain and The Jewish Stallion.


  1. Happened to me yesterday doing leg raises after a 30 minute core work-out. I was with my trainer and totally embarrassed. I've been working out with the same trainer for 5 years.

    I did not choose to have that happen either. It just did. He laughed at me and I just about died.

  2. I find it interesting that there was no warning. A spontaneous orgasm. Hmm. I may have to amend my thoughts above. Thanks for offering a different perspective.