02 April 2012

So Long, Micah True

Running isn't about making people buy stuff.  Running should be free, man.
                                                  --Micah True (Caballo Blanco)

Sadly, over the weekend, we learned about the death of Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco in Christopher McDougall's Born to Run.  As a proponent of simplicity and free running, I admired Micah True.  Although I never met him and didn't know him outside of McDougall's book and random articles, he seemed to me a man who lived on his terms and true to his principles. Brian Metzler, a senior editor for Running Times magazine, has written a fine dedication to True.

True put together the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.  He invited some of America's finest ultra runners to join the Tarahumara Indians, native to the Copper Canyon, in a race covering over 50 miles.  Most of the money given to the athletes as prize money was donated back to the Tarahumara people.

Running, and endurance sports in general, are a selfish pastime.  We should use True's example and put together races in our own communities that benefit the people within the community holding the race.  I know there are many in the endurance community who run for charity, but more can be done.  In the coming days I want to discuss this aspect of guerrilla racing.

For now, rest in peace, Micah True.


What a great weekend of running.  As you know, I took Friday off to rest my right Achilles tendon. I think this was a smart decision, as I didn't feel any pain in the tendon on Friday and nothing upon waking Saturday.  However, during an 8-mile run on Saturday morning, I did feel some tightness and soreness in my Achilles.  The pain and tightness were something that I could run through, but they also annoyed me.  I completed my eccentric strength exercises after my run on Saturday and then went to run with my beginners running group.

I ran almost four pain-free miles with them.  After getting back home, I completed my eccentric strength work for a second time and then iced.

I felt good again upon waking Sunday morning and ran for 90 minutes.  I again completed my eccentric strength work twice during the day and I iced once.  While the pain was worse on Saturday than on Friday, the pain did become more classic Achilles tendonitis--it was felt down on the lower half of the tendon, but there was some tightness toward the top.  It felt better on Sunday than on Saturday, and on today's six-mile run, I could barely tell that I had a problem with it.  I even put in a couple of sub-eight-minute miles just to test it a bit.  I think I should be all right with some aggressive running tomorrow morning.

Saturday's Run Details--Run One: Guerrilla Race by scarbellyracer at Garmin Connect - Details
                                    Run Two: Guerrilla Race by scarbellyracer at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday's Run Details: Guerrilla Race by scarbellyracer at Garmin Connect - Details

Today's Run Details: Guerrilla Race by scarbellyracer at Garmin Connect - Details

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