31 May 2012

Still No Computer, but Now Two BQs

Unfortunately, I still have no computer, but I now have an iPad and a keyboard, so I can begin writing again. On 6 June, my computer will have been missing long enough to file an insurance claim for it. However, we move from The Netherlands on 27 June, so there is no chance for us to get the computer in time to use it here. We plan on settling in the Asheville, NC area on 1 August (or soon after), so I won't be writing as regularly as I would like until August.

Without a computer, I am unable to upload my Garmin information to the Garmin Connect website. I will try to become disciplined about manually entering my information each day.

I wll write a more thorough race review, but Prague was a successful run for me and Alain. We both qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon. Alain finished in 3:12.37, and I finished in 3:14.27.

After having to take the six weeks before Prague off because of a stress fracture in his foot, The Jewish Stallion ran Prague anyway--and finished. Of course, he's only labored through one run since, so maybe wrecking one's body in such a fashion isn't the best thing. On the other hand, if he hadn't run the race, he'd still have regrets, so I am glad he did it.

El Doce took photos and watched Prague from the sidelines. He is just now getting back into running after dealing with what ended up being bursitis in his ankle.

I ran the second half of Prague about a minute faster than the first half, so good training does lead to good racing.

I was wrong about toe socks and black toe. Shortly after screaming the virtues of toe socks, I got black toe on both my second toes.

I don't think marathons should be cancelled because of heat. Don't Ironman participants in Kona and Louisville run a marathon in similar heat, and they do so after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112? What about Badwater? I heard that some of the Madison marathoners were going to run the half course unofficially before running the half officially in order to get a full marathon in on that day. Of course, I am all for such guerrilla racing tactics.

It was nice to run this morning with El Doce and Alain. We hadn't run together since El Doce got hurt a couple of months ago. El Doce ran the first two miles with the group, and then Alain and I worked into a tempo run. It was also nice to run fast again with Alain.

A big thank you to my friend RTA for suggesting the new tag line.

Today's run via Garmin Connect: Guerrilla Race by scarbellyracer at Garmin Connect - Details

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