14 November 2012

Have I Finally Become Too Old?

I have taken a longer than planned absence from writing this blog, but I hope to write more regularly now that my family and I have settled in Asheville.

Unfortunately, my running since June has been a hodgepodge of low mileage, some intense speed work, an attempt at Maffetone base training, and injuries.  The good news is that I did manage to get into the Boston Marathon and have already bought my plane ticket and set up housing.  Even better: the Swiss Assassin, as Alain is now known, also plans on running Boston.

The bad news is that just as I was gaining some fitness back after taking time off for some knee troubles, I am now suffering from tendonitis in my foot.  I will need to take two or three weeks off from running and biking, anything that forces me to flex my foot.  This means that I will need to swim and aqua jog a lot more than I will enjoy.  I'll also get back into strength training more rigorously than I have been, which won't be too hard, as I have neglected greatly this aspect of training.

When I return to running, I'm afraid that I will have to adopt a three or four day a week plan, one like the plan for Masters runners prescribed by Brad Hudson.  This past injury came about as I was training conservatively, but training six days a week.  I also had not run more than 46 miles in any one week, which for me is about average during a period between races.

What's funny is that I'll end up swimming and biking and strength training on the days that I don't run, and I'll feel better while working out as a triathlete.  However, I'll feel like something's missing.  This feeling is odd.  I know what makes me feel stronger and healthier, but I'm willing to sacrifice health and a good feeling for doing something that I just enjoy more.  I like running better than any form of exercise.  But at some point, I have to take stock of the messages my body is sending me and adapt.

During the next few weeks, I'll fill in the blanks and discuss more specifically how my training progressed through the summer and into the fall.  For now, I'd like to know how others have handled getting older.  Any advice?

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